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Learn the skills you need to build React applications quickly! This fully revised second edition introduces functional components, React hooks, static site generators, and more.
In React Quickly, Second Edition you will learn how to:
  • Master React fundamentals
  • Implement best practices and the components of good architecture
  • Build intuitive user interfaces
  • Create dynamic components with JSX
  • Use lightweight functional components in React
  • Make your app interactive with stateful components
  • Utilize React hooks
  • Handle events like button clicks and pass data between components
Build your skills with React fast! There’s no slow theory and tedious history in React Quickly—you’ll dive into React code right from the very first chapter. As you go, you’ll explore over 80 useful and practical examples that put React into action. This new second edition has been completely rewritten to cover the latest developments in the React framework. Perfect, whether you’re a React beginner or an experienced pro looking to keep their skills up to date.
About the technology
React makes it a breeze to build beautiful, reliable web frontends. This amazing JavaScript library has a modular architecture, so you can create, combine, and test components seamlessly. React is perfect for small prototypes, enterprise scale sites, and everything in between.
About the book
React Quickly, Second Edition offers a unique approach to learning the React framework. More than 80 concise examples guide you from your first steps through advanced applications. You’ll appreciate the up-to-date coverage of functional components, React hooks, and web accessibility, along with interesting projects to practice your new skill.
What's inside
  • Master React fundamentals
  • Best practices of component-based design
  • Create dynamic components with JSX
  • Make your app interactive with stateful components
About the reader
For developers comfortable building web applications with JavaScript.
About the Author
Morten Barklund is an independent software developer working as a lead developer in various teams, including an open-source React project funded by Google. Morten studied Computer Science at the Technical University of Denmark and has worked on hundreds of projects during over 20 years as a web developer.
Azat Mardan is a software engineer leader and a university professor with extensive experience using and teaching JavaScript and Node. He’s the author of several books on JavaScript, Node, React, and Express, including the first edition of React Quickly.


Table of Contents
  1. Meeting React
  2. Baby steps with React
  3. Introduction to JSX
  4. Functional Components
  5. Making React interactive with states
  6. Effects and the React component life cycle
  7. Hooks to fuel your web applications
  8. Handling events in React
  9. Working with forms in React
  10. Advanced React hooks for scaling
  11. Project: Website menu
  12. Project: Timer
  13. Project: Task manager



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