Beginning React and Firebase. 1st Ed.

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Use React with Firebase to build four beginner-friendly apps. A lot of React tutorials out there today only cover basic web apps, but with additional features the web apps included in this book can be converted into fully scaled startups.
You will start with the basics: learn to deploy a React app with Firebase hosting. Next, you will learn to create a fully functional "ToDo" app that will use Firebase database to store a list action items. You will also learn to create a "Stories" app, in which you can show short vertical videos, and a document storage app. Here, we will be able to log in using Google Authentication, and will learn to store files in the app using Firebase storage. Lastly, you will create a career social media app. Your users will be able to log in using email and password authentication. You will learn to use Redux in this project.
While creating these web apps, you will employ multiple concepts, including React hooks, React components, and how to use Material UI. You will learn to use Firebase to host your database, as well as hosting your app. With these projects in your portfolio you'll be ready to take your developer skills to the next level. 
You will:
Use Firebase’s powerful services, and how to connect Firebase with React
Explore the React ecosystem, including Redux and React hooks
Work with MaterialUI, the popular React UI framework
Understand how to use Google Authentication techniques in your sites\nDeploy all sites using simple Firebase hosting



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