React 18 Design Patterns and Best Practices: Design, build, and deploy production-ready web applications with React by leveraging industry-best practices 4th ed. Edition

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Key Features
  • Discover and unpack the latest React 18 and Node 19 features in this updated fourth edition
  • Get up to speed with TypeScript, MonoRepo architecture, and several cutting-edge React tools
  • Learn from plenty of real-world examples and an improved chapter flow
Book Description
React helps you work smarter, not harder — but to reap the benefits of this popular JavaScript library and its components, you need a straightforward guide that will teach you how to make the most of it.
React 18 Design Patterns and Best Practices will help you use React effectively to make your applications more flexible, easier to maintain, and improve their performance, while giving your workflow a huge boost. With a better organization of topics and knowledge about best practices added to your developer toolbox, the updated fourth edition ensures an enhanced learning experience.
The book is split into three parts; the first will teach you the fundamentals of React patterns, the second will dive into how React works, and the third will focus on real-world applications. All the code samples are updated to the latest version of React and you’ll also find plenty of new additions that explore React 18 and Node 19’s newest features, alongside MonoRepo Architecture and a dedicated chapter on TypeScript.
By the end of this book, you'll be able to efficiently build and deploy real-world React web applications.
What you will learn
  • Get familiar with the new React 18 and Node 19 features
  • Explore TypeScript's basic and advanced capabilities
  • Make components communicate with each other by applying various patterns and techniques
  • Dive into MonoRepo architecture
  • Use server-side rendering to make applications load faster
  • Write a comprehensive set of tests to create robust and maintainable code
  • Build high-performing applications by styling and optimizing React components
Who this book is for
This book is for web developers who want to master React by learning key design patterns and best practices in real-world application development. You’ll need an intermediate-level experience with React and JavaScript before you get started.
About the Author
Carlos Santana Roldan is a senior web developer with more than 15 years of experience. Currently, he is working as a Principal Engineer at APM Music. He is the founder of JS Education, where he teaches people web technologies such as React, Node.js, JavaScript, and TypeScript.


Table of Contents
  1. Taking Your First Steps with React
  2. Introducing TypeScript
  3. Cleaning Up Your Code
  4. Exploring Popular Composition Patterns
  5. Writing Code for the Browser
  6. Making Your Components Look Beautiful
  7. Anti-Patterns to Be Avoided
  8. React Hooks
  9. React Router
  10. React 18 New Features
  11. Managing Data
  12. Server-Side Rendering
  13. Understanding GraphQL with a Real Project
  14. MonoRepo Architecture
  15. Improving the Performance of Your Applications
  16. Testing and Debugging
  17. Deploying to Production



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