Test-Driven Development with React. Apply Test-Driven Development in Your Applications. 1st Ed.

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Test-Driven+Development+with+React.+Apply+Test-Driven+Development+in+Your+Applications.+1st+Ed. - фото 1
Test-Driven+Development+with+React.+Apply+Test-Driven+Development+in+Your+Applications.+1st+Ed. - фото 2

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Learn to use accelerated test-driven development (TDD) to build a React application from scratch. This book explains how your React components will be integrated, and how to refactor code to make it more concise and flexible.
With TDD you can develop a robust test suite to catch bugs, and develop modular, flexible code. Applying your understanding of how HTML, CSS, and JavaScript work in the browser you'll build a web application called Bookish using TDD and mainstream React stack technologies such as React, React-router, and Redux.
Using higher code quality you'll be able to write executable documentation using Cucumber. This is just one of many essentials in maintaining a practical TDD workflow in your daily workload. Test-Driven Development with React highlights best practices and design patterns that will enable you to write more maintainable and reusable React components.
You will:
  • Manage your application’s state using Redux
  • Employ professional techniques for backend services
  • Use Cypress as an end-to-end testing framework
  • Utilize React-testing-library for unit and integration tests



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