Test-Driven Development with React and TypeScript: Building Maintainable React Applications 2nd ed. Edition

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Test-Driven+Development+with+React+and+TypeScript%3A+Building+Maintainable+React+Applications+2nd+ed.+Edition - фото 1
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Apply test-driven principles to create scalable and maintainable React applications. This book covers a wide range of topics, including setting up a testing environment and utilizing popular testing frameworks like Cypress, Jest, and the React Testing Library. It also delves into valuable refactoring techniques, as well as enhancing code maintainability and readability. What sets this comprehensive guide apart is its end-to-end project simulation, showcasing how TDD can be employed to build a complete application called "Bookish."
Test-Driven Development with React and TypeScript elevates its code examples by leveraging TypeScript, the predominant language in modern frontend development, offering you a deeper understanding of how TDD principles can be applied to React projects. Furthermore, all code examples have been carefully revised and updated for this edition, incorporating reader feedback and reflecting current industry standards.
After completing this book, you have the knowledge and skills necessary to develop high quality and scalable React applications.
What You Will Learn
  • Master essential refactoring techniques to enhance code quality
  • Employ modern practices for writing maintainable React code, including testing and product implementation
  • Gain practical experience applying test-driven development (TDD) principles to real-world projects
  • Craft high quality, scalable, and maintainable React applications using TDD principles and techniques
Who This Book Is For
Web application developers who wants to learn how to write high quality code using test-driven development.
About the Author
Juntao Qiu is an accomplished software developer renowned for his expertise in producing high-quality and easily maintainable code. He is committed to helping individuals improve their code-writing abilities, and generously shares his vast knowledge and experience through multiple platforms, including books such as this one and Maintainable React (Leanpub, 2022). In addition, Juntao hosts a YouTube channel where he provides valuable insights, tips, and best practices for writing clean code and performing refactoring. Juntao's goal is to empower developers, enabling them to reach their full potential and have a positive impact on the software development industry.



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