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Create video game elements using the Godot game engine, gaining practical experience in programming and video game development. The Godot game engine uses a simplified programming language called GDScript, which closely resembles Python. By learning GDScript, you can focus more on learning the basics of programming.
You’ll explore concepts such as variables and data structures variables used to store information about video game objects that can be manipulated using a keyboard or a mouse. You’ll also learn about user interface design, branching statements, and looping statements, enabling you to actively engage in programming and create your own interactive games.
By the end of the book, you’ll have a solid understanding of how video game elements work and how the basic principles of programming work as well. By programming simple video game elements in the Godot game engine, you’ll learn both programming and the principles of 2D video game design.
What You Will Learn
  • Understand the basics of programming by creating simple video game elements in the Godot game engine.
  • Explore variables and data structures to actively store and modify information about video game objects.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of user interface design.
  • Master simplified programming languages like GDScript.
Who This Book Is For
Aspiring programmers and game enthusiasts seeking an engaging introduction to programming through video game creation.
About the Author
Wallace Wang has been writing computer books for over 30 years, including Steal This Computer Book, Microsoft Office for Dummies, Beginning Programming for Dummies, Beginning iPhone Development with SwiftUI, and The Structure of Game Design” to name just a few. He created the board game, “Orbit War,” for Steve Jackson Games, which simulated satellite warfare in the near future. He also writes screenplays and won first place in Scriptapalooza’s 2023 screenwriting competition.
Tonnetta Walcott is a writer, podcaster, gamer, and programmer who is passionate about video games and technology. She graduated from San Diego State University with a English Bachelor’s and has a certificate in Computer Programming. After being offered an internship at Sony Online Entertainment, Tonnetta learned computer programming (C++, Java), web development, and game design using the Unity and Godot game engines. Tonnetta has programmed a simulation to chess, Battleship, and a matching concentration game, and is currently working on a game called NinChibi, where tiny chibi ninjas play tag in a single player and multiplayer mode. The NinChibi game is built with the Godot game engine.



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