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Master how to implement a repeatable software construction system. This book closely examines how a system is designed to tie a series of activities together that are needed when building software-intensive systems.
Software construction and operations don't get enough attention as a repeatable system. The world is stuck in agile backlog grooming sessions, and quality is not increasing. Companies' budgets are shrinking, and teams need a way to get more done with less, consistently. This topic is very relevant to our current economic conditions and continuing globalization trends. A reason we constantly need more hands-on-the-keyboards is because of all the waste created in development cycles. We need more literature on how to "do software" not just write software.
These goals are accomplished using the concept of evolutions, much like the Navy SEALS train their team members. For LIFT, the evolutions are: Plan, Build, Test, Release, Operate and Manage. The entire purpose of the book is instructing professionals how to use these distinct evolutions while remaining agile. And then, inside of each evolution, to explicitly break down the inputs to the evolution, outputs and series of activities taking place. Patterns of Software Construction clearly outlines how together this becomes the system.
You will:
  • Optimize each evolution of a software delivery cycle
  • Review best practices of planning, highest return in the build cycle, and ignored practices in test, release, and operate 
  • Apply the highest return techniques during the software build evolution



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