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Learn the fundamentals of networking with Unity and C#. This book covers a variety of topics, including accessing data using RESTful APIs, local networked games, and creating multiplayer online games using client-server architecture.
The book provides the basics of networking, sockets, TCP vs. UDP, client-server architecture, serialization, RESTful APIs, network latency, and client-side prediction. Projects are presented to illustrate the concepts, including a chat client/server overlay for your game, and a 3D maze game that allows up to four players to connect over the network.
By the end of the book, you will be familiar with low-level networking concepts such as protocols and architecture as well as high-level knowledge on how to create applications that use a client/server architecture for multiplayer games.
What You Will Learn
  • Know the difference between TCP and UDP, and the pros and cons of these protocols
  • Create client-server multiplayer games in Unity using C#
  • Receive and process data from a remote server using RESTful APIs
  • Understand latency and how to mitigate its impact



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