Java Coding Problems - Second Edition: Become an expert Java programmer by solving over 250 brand-new, modern, real-world problems 2nd ed. 277684

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Java Coding Problems - Second Edition: Become an expert Java programmer by solving over 250 brand-new, modern, real-world problems 2nd ed. - фото 1
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Stay on top of the new Java features (up to JDK 21) and find efficient solutions for your programming woes. With over 250 problems and solutions, you'll learn new ways to deal with real-world coding tasks and answers to common interview questions.
Key Features
  • Solve Java programming challenges and get interview-ready with the power of modern Java 21
  • Test your Java skills using language features, algorithms, data structures, and design patterns
  • Explore tons of examples, all fully refreshed for this edition, meant to help you accommodate JDK 12 to JDK 21
Book Description
The super-fast evolution of the JDK between versions 12 and 21 has made the learning curve of modern Java steeper, and increased the time needed to learn it. This book will make your learning journey quicker and increase your willingness to try Java's new features by explaining the correct practices and decisions related to complexity, performance, readability, and more.
Java Coding Problems takes you through Java's latest features but doesn't always advocate the use of new solutions - instead, it focuses on revealing the trade-offs involved in deciding what the best solution is for a certain problem.
There are more than two hundred brand new and carefully selected problems in this second edition, chosen to highlight and cover the core everyday challenges of a Java programmer.
Apart from providing a comprehensive compendium of problem solutions based on real-world examples, this book will also give you the confidence to answer questions relating to matching particular streams and methods to various problems.
By the end of this book you will have gained a strong understanding of Java's new features and have the confidence to develop and choose the right solutions to your problems.
What you will learn
  • Adopt the latest JDK 21 features in your applications
  • Explore Records, Record Patterns, Record serialization and so on
  • Work with Sealed Classes and Interfaces for increasing encapsulation
  • Learn how to exploit Context-Specific Deserialization Filters
  • Solve problems relating to collections and esoteric data structures
  • Learn advanced techniques for extending the Java functional API
  • Explore the brand-new Socket API and Simple Web Server
  • Tackle modern Garbage Collectors and Dynamic CDS Archives
Who this book is for
If you are a Java developer who wants to level-up by solving real-world problems, then this book is for you. Working knowledge of the Java programming language is required to get the most out of this book
About the Author
Anghel Leonard is a Chief Technology Strategist and independent consultant with 20+ years of experience in the Java ecosystem. In daily work, he is focused on architecting and developing Java distributed applications that empower robust architectures, clean code, and high-performance. Also passionate about coaching, mentoring and technical leadership. He is the author of several books, videos and dozens of articles related to Java technologies.


Table of Contents
  1. Text Blocks, Locales, Numbers, and Math
  2. Objects, Immutability, Switch Expressions, and Pattern Matching
  3. Working with Date and Time
  4. Records and Record Patterns
  5. Arrays, Collections, and Data Structures
  6. Java I/O: Context-Specific Deserialization Filters
  7. Foreign (Function) Memory API
  8. Sealed and Hidden Classes
  9. Functional Style Programming - Extending APIs
  10. Concurrency - Virtual Threads and Structured Concurrency
  11. Concurrency - Virtual Threads and Structured Concurrency: Diving Deeper
  12. Garbage Collectors and Dynamic CDS Archives
  13. Socket API and Simple Web Server



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