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Ideal for working programmers new to Java, this best-selling book guides you through the language features and APIs of Java 21. Through fun, compelling, and realistic examples, authors Marc Loy, Patrick Niemeyer, and Dan Leuck introduce you to Java's fundamentals, including its class libraries, programming techniques, and idioms, with an eye toward building real applications.
This updated sixth edition expands the content to continue covering lambdas and streams, and shows you how to use a functional paradigm in Java. You'll learn about the latest Java features introduced since the book's fifth edition, from JDK 15 through 21. You'll also take a deep dive into virtual threads (introduced as Project Loom in Java 19).
This guide helps you:
  • Learn the structure of the Java language and Java applications
  • Write, compile, and execute Java applications
  • Understand the basics of Java threading and concurrent programming
  • Learn Java I/O basics, including local files and network resources
  • Create compelling interfaces with an eye toward usability
  • Learn how functional features have been integrated in Java
  • Keep up with Java developments as new versions are released
About the Author
Marc Loy is a senior software engineer and technical trainer specializing in user experience design and full stack development. He started working with Java in 1995 as a trainer with Sun Microsystems and has authored several books on Java, media production, and microcontroller development.
Patrick Niemeyer became involved with Java while working at Southwestern Bell Technology Resources. He is an independent consultant and author in the areas of decentralized applications and machine learning. Pat is the creator of BeanShell, a Java scripting language, and is a contributor to many open source projects. He currently works for Orchid Labs in San Francisco.
Dan Leuck is the CEO of Ikayzo, a Tokyo and Honolulu-based interactive design and software development firm with customers including Sony, Oracle, Nomura, PIMCO and the federal government. He previously served as Senior Vice President of Research and Development for Tokyo-based ValueCommerce, Asia's largest online marketing company, Global Head of Development for London-based LastMinute.com, Europe's largest B2C website, and President of the US division of DML. Daniel has extensive experience managing teams of 150+ developers in five countries. He has served on numerous advisory boards and panels for companies such as Macromedia and Sun Microsystems. Daniel is active in the Java community, is a contributor to BeanShell, the project lead for SDL, and sits on numerous Java Community Process expert groups.



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