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Book Description
Becoming a solutions architect requires a hands-on approach, and this edition of the Solutions Architect's Handbook brings exactly that. This handbook will teach you how to create robust, scalable, and fault-tolerant solutions and next-generation architecture designs in a cloud environment. It will also help you build effective product strategies for your business and implement them from start to finish.
This new edition features additional chapters on disruptive technologies, such as Internet of Things (IoT), quantum computing, data engineering, and machine learning. It also includes updated discussions on cloud-native architecture, blockchain data storage, and mainframe modernization with public cloud.
The Solutions Architect's Handbook provides an understanding of solution architecture and how it fits into an agile enterprise environment. It will take you through the journey of solution architecture design by providing detailed knowledge of design pillars, advanced design patterns, anti-patterns, and the cloud-native aspects of modern software design.
By the end of this handbook, you'll have learned the techniques needed to create efficient architecture designs that meet your business requirements.
What you will learn
  • Explore the various roles of a solutions architect in the enterprise landscape
  • Implement key design principles and patterns to build high-performance cost-effective solutions
  • Choose the best strategies to secure your architectures and increase their availability
  • Modernize legacy applications with the help of cloud integration
  • Understand how big data processing, machine learning, and IoT fit into modern architecture
  • Integrate a DevOps mindset to promote collaboration, increase operational efficiency, and streamline production
Who this book is for
This book is for software developers, system engineers, DevOps engineers, architects, and team leaders who already work in the IT industry and aspire to become solutions architect professionals.
Existing solutions architects who want to expand their skillset or get a better understanding of new technologies will also learn valuable new skills.
To get started, you'll need a good understanding of the real-world software development process and general programming experience in any language.
About the Author
Saurabh Shrivastava is a technology leader, author, inventor, and public speaker with over 18 years of experience in the IT industry. He currently works at Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a Global Solutions Architect Leader and enables global consulting partners and enterprise customers on their journey to the cloud. Saurabh led the AWS global technical partnerships, set his team's vision and execution model, and nurtured multiple new strategic initiatives.
Saurabh has authored various blogs and whitepapers across a diverse range of technology such as big data, IoT, machine learning, and cloud computing. He is passionate about the latest innovations and their impact on our society and daily life. He holds a patent in the area of cloud platform automation. Before AWS, Saurabh worked as an enterprise solution architect, software architect, and software engineering manager in Fortune 50 enterprises, start-ups, and global product and consulting organizations.
Neelanjali Srivastav is a technology leader, product manager, agile coach, and cloud practitioner with over 16 years of experience in the software industry. She currently works at Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a Senior Product Manager and enables global customers on their data journey to the cloud. Neelanjali evangelize and enable AWS customer and partners in AWS Database, Analytics, and Machine Learning Services. She set the product's vision and cultivated new products incubation.
Before AWS, Neelanjali led teams of software engineers, solution architects, and systems analysts to modernize IT systems and develop innovative software solutions for large enterprises. Neelanjali has held multiple roles in the IT services industry and the R&D space, focusing on enterprise application management, cloud service management, and orchestration areas.



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