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How to Write Code You're Proud of . . . Every Single Day
". . . [A] timely and humble reminder of the ever-increasing complexity of our programmatic world and how we owe it to the legacy of humankind--and to ourselves--to practice ethical development. Take your time reading Clean Craftsmanship. . . . Keep this book on your go-to bookshelf. Let this book be your old friend--your Uncle Bob, your guide--as you make your way through this world with curiosity and courage."
--From the Foreword by Stacia Heimgartner Viscardi, CST & Agile Mentor
In Clean Craftsmanship, the legendary Robert C. Martin ("Uncle Bob") has written the principles that define the profession--and the craft--of software development. Uncle Bob brings together the disciplines, standards, and ethics you need to deliver robust, effective code and to be proud of all the software you write.
Robert Martin, the best-selling author of Clean Code, provides a pragmatic, technical, and prescriptive guide to the foundational disciplines of software craftsmanship. He discusses standards, showing how the world's expectations of developers often differ from their own and helping you bring the two in sync. Bob concludes with the ethics of the programming profession, describing the fundamental promises all developers should make to their colleagues, their users, and, above all, themselves.
With Uncle Bob's insights, all programmers and their managers can consistently deliver code that builds trust instead of undermining it--trust among users and throughout societies that depend on software for their survival.
  • Moving towards the "north star" of true software craftsmanship: the state of knowing how to program well
  • Practical, specific guidance for applying five core disciplines: test-driven development, refactoring, simple design, collaborative programming, and acceptance tests
  • How developers and teams can promote productivity, quality, and courage
  • The true meaning of integrity and teamwork among programmers, and ten specific commitments every software professional should make
About the Author
Robert C. Martin ("Uncle Bob") wrote his first line of code at the age of 12 in 1964 and has been employed as a programmer since 1970. He is cofounder of, offering online video training for software developers, and is founder of Uncle Bob Consulting LLC, offering software consulting, training, and skill development services to major corporations worldwide. He served as the Master Craftsman at 8th Light, Inc., a Chicago-based software consulting firm. Mr. Martin has published dozens of articles in various trade journals, authored many books, and is a regular speaker at international conferences and trade shows.



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