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If you want to increase Tableau's value to your organization, this practical book has your back. Authors Ann Jackson and Luke Stanke guide data analysts through strategies for solving real-world analytics problems using Tableau. Starting with the basics and building toward advanced topics such as multidimensional analysis and user experience, you'll explore pragmatic and creative examples that you can apply to your own data.
Staying competitive today requires the ability to quickly analyze and visualize data and make data-driven decisions. With this guide, data practitioners and leaders alike will learn strategies for building compelling and purposeful visualizations, dashboards, and data products. Every chapter contains the why behind the solution and the technical knowledge you need to make it work.
  • Use this book as a high-value on-the-job reference guide to Tableau
  • Visualize different data types and tackle specific data challenges
  • Create compelling data visualizations, dashboards, and data products
  • Learn how to generate industry-specific analytics
  • Explore categorical and quantitative analysis and comparisons
  • Understand geospatial, dynamic, statistical, and multivariate analysis
  • Communicate the value of the Tableau platform to your team and to stakeholders



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