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With the rise of the cloud, every aspect of IT has been shaken to its core. The fundamentals for building systems are changing, and although many of the principles that underpin security still ring true, their implementation has become unrecognizable. This practical book provides recipes for AWS, Azure, and GCP to help you enhance the security of your own cloud native systems.

Based on his hard-earned experience working with some of the world's biggest enterprises and rapidly iterating startups, consultant Josh Armitage covers the trade-offs that security professionals, developers, and infrastructure gurus need to make when working with different cloud providers. Each recipe discusses these inherent compromises, as well as where clouds have similarities and where they're fundamentally different.

Learn how the cloud provides security superior to what was achievable in an on-premises world

Understand the principles and mental models that enable you to make optimal trade-offs as part of your solution

Learn how to implement existing solutions that are robust and secure, and devise design solutions to new and interesting problems

Deal with security challenges and solutions both horizontally and vertically within your business

Who This Book Is For

This book is about getting hands-on with the cloud. Each recipe comes with a fully worked solution in Terraform, the most widely used infrastructure-as-code tool.

For each problem presented, there is a recipe for each of the three primary cloud providers, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. As the modern world is becoming increasingly multi-cloud, it is ever more valuable to be cloud multilingual.

Although the three clouds have significant overlap in the services they provide, the design decisions that went into the cloud itself have massive ramifications for security. With this book you’ll become empowered to translate between the three clouds and rapidly solve problems wherever they present.




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