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Learn to use the Jakarta Persistence API and other related APIs as found in the Jakarta EE 10 platform from the perspective of one of the specification creators. A one-of-a-kind resource, this in-depth book provides both theoretical and practical coverage of Jakarta Persistence usage for experienced Java developers.
Authors Lukas Jungmann, Mike Keith, Merrick Schincariol, Massimo Nardone take a hands-on approach, based on their wealth of experience and expertise, by giving examples to illustrate each concept of the API and showing how it is used in practice. The examples use a common model from an overarching sample application, giving you a context from which to start and helping you to understand the examples within an already familiar domain.
After completing this in-depth book, you will have a full understanding of persistence and be able to successfully code applications using its annotations and APIs. The book also serves as an excellent reference guide.
You will:
  • Use Jakarta Persistence in the context of enterprise applications
  • Work with object relational mappings (ORMs), collection mappings and more
  • Build complex enterprise Java applications that persist data long after the process terminates
  • Connect to and persist data with a variety of databases, file formats, and more
  • Use queries, including the Jakarta Persistence Query Language (Jakarta Persistence QL)
  • Carry out advanced ORM, queries and XML mappings
  • Package, deploy and test your Jakarta persistence-enabled enterprise applications



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