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Developing applications for the Android mobile operating system can seem daunting, particularly if it requires learning a new programming language: Kotlin, now AndroidA???s official development language. With this practical book, Android developers will learn how to make the transition from Java to Kotlin, including how Kotlin provides a true advantage for gaining control over asynchronous computations.
Authors Pierre-Olivier Laurence, Amanda Hinchman-Dominguez, G. Blake Meike, and Mike Dunn explore implementations of the most common tasks in native Android development, and show you how Kotlin can help you solve concurrency problems. With a focus on structured concurrency, a new asynchronous programming paradigm, this book will guide you through one of Kotlin's most powerful constructs, coroutines.
  • Learn about Kotlin essentials and the Kotlin Collections Framework
  • Explore Android fundamentals: the operating system and the application container and its components
  • Learn about thread safety and how to handle concurrency
  • Write sequential, asynchronous work at a low cost
  • Examine structured concurrency with coroutines, and learn how channels make coroutines communicate
  • Learn how to use flows for asynchronous data processing
  • Understand performance considerations using Android profiling tools
  • Use performance optimizations to trim resource consumption



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