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Software Architecture with C# 12 and .NET 8 - Fourth Edition: Build enterprise applications using microservices, DevOps, EF Core, and design patterns for Azure 4th ed. Edition - фото 1
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A book for the aspiring .NET software architect - design scalable and high-performance enterprise solutions using the latest features of C# 12 and .NET 8
Key Features
  • Get introduced to software architecture fundamentals and begin applying them in .NET
  • Explore the main technologies used by software architects and choose the best ones for your needs
  • Master new developments in .NET with the help of a practical case study that looks at software architecture for a travel agency
Book Description
Software Architecture with C# 12 and .NET 8 puts high-level design theory to work in a .NET context, teaching you the key skills, technologies, and best practices required to become an effective .NET software architect.
This fourth edition puts emphasis on a case study that will bring your skills to life. You'll learn how to choose between different architectures and technologies at each level of the stack. You'll take an even closer look at Blazor and explore OpenTelemetry for observability, as well as a more practical dive into preparing .NET microservices for Kubernetes integration.
Divided into three parts, this book starts with the fundamentals of software architecture, covering C# best practices, software domains, design patterns, DevOps principles for CI/CD, and more. The second part focuses on the technologies, from choosing data storage in the cloud to implementing frontend microservices and working with Serverless. You'll learn about the main communication technologies used in microservices, such as REST API, gRPC, Azure Service Bus, and RabbitMQ. The final part takes you through a real-world case study where you'll create software architecture for a travel agency.
By the end of this book, you will be able to transform user requirements into technical needs and deliver highly scalable enterprise software architectures.
What you will learn
  • Program and maintain Azure DevOps and explore GitHub Projects
  • Manage software requirements to design functional and non-functional needs
  • Apply architectural approaches such as layered architecture and domain-driven design
  • Make effective choices between cloud-based and data storage solutions
  • Implement resilient frontend microservices, worker microservices, and distributed transactions
  • Understand when to use test-driven development (TDD) and alternative approaches
  • Choose the best option for cloud development, from IaaS to Serverless
Who this book is for
This book is for engineers and senior software developers aspiring to become architects or looking to build enterprise applications with the .NET stack.
Basic familiarity with C# and .NET is required to get the most out of this software architecture book.
About the Author
Gabriel Baptista has been working with software development since the beginning of .NET. Today, his main contributions are managing numerous projects for retail and industry. He is an Azure Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution specialist, teaches at Computing Engineering universities, and helps tech startups as a mentor.
Francesco Abbruzzese dedicates his life to his two great passions: software and powerlifting. He is the author of the MVC Controls Toolkit and the Blazor Controls Toolkit libraries. He has contributed to the diffusion and evangelization of the Microsoft web stack since the first version of ASP.NET. His company, Mvcct Team, offers web applications, tools, and services for web technologies. He has moved from AI systems, where he implemented one of the first decision support systems for financial institutions, to top-10 video game titles such as Puma Street Soccer.


Table of Contents
  1. Understanding the Importance of Software Architecture
  2. Non-Functional Requirements
  3. Managing Requirements
  4. Best Practices in Coding C# 12
  5. Implementing Code Reusability in C# 12
  6. Design Patterns and .NET 8 Implementation
  7. Understanding the Different Domains in Software Solutions
  8. Understanding DevOps Principles and CI/CD
  9. Testing Your Enterprise Application
  10. Deciding on the Best Cloud-Based Solution
  11. Applying a Microservice Architecture to Your Enterprise Application
  12. Choosing Your Data Storage in the cloud
  13. Interacting with Data in C# - Entity Framework Core
  14. Implementing Microservices with .NET
  15. Applying Service-Oriented Architectures with .NET
  16. Working with Serverless - Azure Functions
  17. Presenting ASP.NET Core



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