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From beginner to Jedi, this cookbook has a recipe for everyone, whether you're just learning how to create data visualizations or have already used Tableau for years. Author Lorna Brown provides more than 100 practical recipes to enhance the way you build Tableau dashboards--and helps you understand your data through the power of Tableau Desktop 2020's interactive data visualizations. With this cookbook, Tableau beginners will learn hands-on how this unique self-serve tool works, while experienced users will find this book to be an ideal reference guide on how to employ specific techniques. This cookbook includes links to online resources and community features, such as Tableau Tip Tuesday and Workout Wednesday. By the time you reach the end of this book, you'll be a competent user of Tableau Desktop 2020. You'll learn how to: Build both basic and complex data visualizations with Tableau Desktop 2020 Gain hands-on experience with Tableau's latest features, including set and parameter actions Create interactive dashboards to support business questions Improve analytical analyses that you've already created Learn data visualization skills and best practices to help you and your organization.



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