Jira 7 Administration Cookbook - Second Edition

Jira 7 Administration Cookbook - Second Edition
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Packt Publishing
Patrick Li
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Book Description

JIRA 7 Administration Cookbook, Second Edition covers all the new major features that provide better prioritizing capabilities, enhanced visibility, and the ability to customize JIRA application to meet your needs. We start by upgrading your existing JIRA instance and working through tasks you can perform at the server level to better maintain it. We then delve deep into adapting JIRA to your organization's needs, starting with the visual elements of setting up custom forms to capturing important data with custom fields and screens, and moving on to ensuring data integrity through defining field behaviors. You'll gain insights into JIRA's e-mail capabilities, including managing outgoing e-mail rules and processing incoming e-mails for automated issue creation. The book contains tips and tricks that will make things easier for you as administrators, such as running scripts to automate tasks, getting easy access to logs, and working with tools to troubleshoot problems. The book concludes with a chapter on JIRA Service Desk, which will enable you to set up and customize your own support portal, work with internal teams to solve problems, and achieve optimized services with SLA.

What you will learn
  • Customize basic settings for your projects, such as screens and fields
  • Create and customize workflows to suit your business process needs
  • Make workflows more effective and efficient
  • Manage users and groups inside JIRA and manage advanced login options
  • Secure your JIRA instance using effective practices
  • Perform e-mail functionalities with JIRA
  • Extend JIRA to integrate with other products and services
About the Author

Patrick Li is the co-founder and CTO of AppFusions. AppFusions is an expert in developing and packaging integrated solutions for many enterprise applications and platforms, including IBM Connections, Jive, Atlassian, Google Apps, Box, Dropbox, and more.

Being an expert with Atlassian products, he started working with JIRA right out of college and has been involved in the Atlassian ecosystem for over ten years. With AppFusions, Patrick has developed products and solutions on top of the Atlassian platform, which includes JIRA, Confluence, and more. He also provides expert consulting services, helping, advising, and guiding companies with best practices on using JIRA. Patrick is one of the top contributors to the Atlassian community, providing answers and advice on forums such as Atlassian Answers and Quora.

He has extensive experience in designing and deploying Atlassian solutions from the ground up and customizing the existing deployments for clients across verticals such as healthcare, software engineering, financial services, and government agencies.

You can reach Patrick on Quora at https://www.quora.com/profile/Patrick-Li-4

Table of Contents
  1. JIRA Server Administration
  2. Customizing JIRA for Your Projects
  3. JIRA Workflows
  4. User Management
  5. JIRA Security
  6. E-mails and Notifications
  7. Integrations with JIRA
  8. JIRA Troubleshooting
  9. JIRA Service Desk

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