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Get to grips with the intricacies of Windows 11 management, security, and deployment to foster organizational efficiency and resiliency
Key Features
  • Enhance your enterprise administration skills to reap the full potential of Windows 11
  • Configure Azure Active Directory (AD) to enable cloud-based services
  • Provide enterprise-level security with ease using the built-in data loss prevention of Windows 11
  • Purchase of the print or Kindle book includes a free PDF eBook
Book Description
Windows 11 comes with a plethora of new security measures, customizability, and accessibility features that can help your organization run more smoothly. But, without a proper introduction to this new version of Windows, it’s easy to miss the most important improvements, along with configuration options that will make migrating to Windows 11 frictionless.
Windows 11 for Enterprise Administrators helps you understand the installation process, configuration methods, deployment scenarios, and management strategies. You’ll delve into configuring Remote Server Administration Tools for remote Windows Server and Azure Active Directory management. This edition emphasizes PowerShell's role in automating administrative tasks, and its importance in Windows 11 and Windows Server management. It also provides comprehensive insights into Windows 11 updates, including Version 21H2 and 22H2, contrasting them with Windows 10, ensuring your knowledge stays current with the latest enhancements in the Windows ecosystem.
By the end of this book, you'll be well-equipped with Windows 11's vital technologies and potentials, enabling you to adeptly oversee and implement these attributes within your company.
What you will learn
  • Configure and harden PowerShell
  • Explore advanced options to secure the user account credentials
  • Perform administrative tasks using the RSAT tool
  • Explore EUC device models and their key considerations
  • Manage Windows 11 security efficiently
  • Work with Azure AD and Intune management
  • Apply the zero-trust and defense-in-depth approach
Who this book is for
If you’re a system administrator tasked with upgrading to Windows 11, then this book is for you. Having deployed and managed previous versions of Windows in the past will help you follow along this book, but you can also use it as a guide if Windows 11 is your first foray into system administration.
About the Author
Manuel Singer works as a Senior Premier Field Engineer for Windows Client at Microsoft and is based in Germany. He has more than 10 years of experience in system management and deployment using Microsoft technologies. He specializes in client enterprise design, deployment, performance, reliability, and Microsoft devices. Manuel works with local and international top customers from the private and public sector to provide professional technical and technological support.
Jeff Stokes is a Windows / Microsoft Engineer currently employed at Microsoft. He specializes in Operating System Health, Reliability, and Performance. He is skilled in Windows Deployment with MDT (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit) and has exceptional skills in VDI (Virtual Desktop) and performance analysis. He is an active writer and blogger and loves technology.
Steve Miles is a Microsoft security and Azure/hybrid MVP and MCT with over 20 years of experience in security, networking, storage, end user computing, and cloud solutions. His current focus is on securing, protecting, and managing identities, Windows clients, and Windows server workloads in hybrid and multi-cloud platform environments. His first Microsoft certification was on Windows NT and he is an MCP, MCITP, MCSA, and MCSE for Windows and many other Microsoft products. He also holds multiple Microsoft Fundamentals, Associate, Expert, and Specialty certifications in Azure security, identity, network, M365, and D365. He also holds multiple security, networking vendor, and other public cloud provider certifications.
Thomas Lee is a consultant/trainer/writer based in the UK and has been in the IT business since the late 1960s. After graduating from Carnegie Mellon University, Thomas joined ComShare where he was a systems programmer building the Commander II time-sharing operating system, a forerunner of today's cloud computing paradigm. In the mid-1970s, he moved to ICL to work on the VME/K operating system. After a sabbatical in 1980/81, he joined Accenture, leaving in 1988 to run his own consulting and training business, which is still active today.
Thomas holds numerous Microsoft certifications, including MCSE (one of the first in the world) and later versions, MCT (25 years), and was awarded Microsoft's MVP award 17 times.
Richard Diver is a senior technical business strategy manager for the Microsoft Security Solutions group, focused on developing security partners. Based in Chicago, Richard works with advanced security and compliance partners to help them build solutions across the entire Microsoft platform, including Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft Defender, Microsoft 365 security solutions, and many more. Prior to Microsoft, Richard worked in multiple industries and for several Microsoft partners to architect and implement cloud security solutions for a wide variety of customers around the world. Any spare time he gets is usually spent with his family.


Table of Contents
  1. Windows 11 – Installation and Upgrading
  2. Introducing PowerShell
  3. Configuration and Customization
  4. User Account Administration
  5. Tools to Manage Windows 11
  6. Device Management
  7. Accessing Enterprise Data in BYOD and CYOD Scenarios
  8. Windows 11 Security
  9. Advanced Configurations
  10. Windows 11 21H2 and 22H2 Changes (versus Win 10)



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