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React helps you create and work on an app in just a few minutes. But learning how to put all the pieces together is hard. How do you validate a form? Or implement a complex multistep user action without writing messy code? How do you test your code? Make it reusable? Wire it to a backend? Keep it easy to understand? The React Cookbook delivers answers fast.
Many books teach you how to get started, understand the framework, or use a component library with React, but very few provide examples to help you solve particular problems. This easy-to-use cookbook includes the example code developers need to unravel the most common problems when using React, categorized by topic area and problem.
You'll learn how to:
  • Build a single-page application in React using a rich UI
  • Create progressive web applications that users can install and work with offline
  • Integrate with backend services such as REST and GraphQL
  • Automatically test for accessibility problems in your application
  • Secure applications with fingerprints and security tokens using WebAuthn
  • Deal with bugs and avoid common functional and performance problems



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