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Athletic CEOs: Leadership in Turbulent Times is a book about high-performing transformational leaders operating in turbulent environments. These CEOs do not lead by the book: they may not praise their subordinates, provide positive feedback or regularly celebrate small wins. Yet they have created formidable enterprises that deliver sustainable growth, have elevated their companies’ employees to new levels, have set new standards for their industries and have advanced their regions. Most remarkably, in spite of their prominence, these leaders continue to reinvent themselves. Having studied them for a decade, Stanislav Shekshnia, Veronika Zagieva and Alexey Ulanovsky developed a model of athletic leadership which describes the leadership agendas, practices, outcomes and outputs of these leaders as well as unique attributes that make them effective.
About the Author
Stanislav Shekshnia is a professor at INSEAD and senior partner at Ward Howell International. His research concentrates on leadership and governance in emerging markets and organizations.
Veronika Zagieva is a director at Ward Howell Talent Equity Institute. Her research focuses on leadership and corporate governance.
Alexey Ulanovsky is an associate professor at National Research University – Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia, and a consultant at Ward Howell International. He specializes in leadership development and organizational behaviour.


List of Illustrations, vii,
Introduction, 1,
  1. Athletic Leadership Explained, 9,
  2. The Agenda and Practices of Athletic Leaders, 39,
  3. Effectiveness of Athletic Leadership: Outputs and Outcomes, 65,
  4. Vitaly Saveliev: Passion and Innovation at the Old Airline, 83,
  5. Eugene Kaspersky: Saving the World, 103,
  6. Alexander Dyukov: Quiet Transformation of Gazprom Neft, 119,
  7. Herman Gref at Sberbank: Entrepreneurship in the Least Likely Place, 139,
  8. Athletic Leadership in Other Regions: Roger Agnelli, Dong Mingzhu and Jeff Bezos, 159,
  9. Athletic Leadership for Non-Athletes, 179,
Appendix: Research Methodology, 195,
Index, 199,



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