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If you’re developing server-side JavaScript applications, you need Node.js! Start with the basics of the Node.js environment: installation, application structure, and modules. Then follow detailed code examples to learn about web development using frameworks like Express and Nest.js. Learn about different approaches to asynchronous programming, including RxJS and data streams. Details on peripheral topics such as testing, security, performance, and more, make this your all-in-one daily reference for Node.js!
  • Your complete guide to backend programming with JavaScript
  • Install the Node.js environment and learn to use core frameworks
  • Debug, scale, test, and optimize your applications
  • Get practical code examples as downloadable product supplements
Getting Started with Node.js
Begin your journey with Node.js. Learn about the core components of the environment such as the V8 engine and libraries. Then install Node.js and explore application development tools and the module system.
Developing Applications
Develop web applications by following practical code examples. Set up a web server using HTTP and develop apps step by step using the Express and Nest.js frameworks. Connect databases, generate interfaces using the REST server and GraphQL, implement command-line tools, handle asynchronous programming, and more.
Managing Applications
Manage your Node.js applications from development to deployment. Learn how to use package managers, implement tests, and protect against security threats. Get expert tips on scalability and performance to optimize your apps.
About the Author
Sebastian Springer is a JavaScript engineer at MaibornWolff. In addition to developing and designing applications, his focus is on imparting knowledge. As a JavaScript lecturer, speaker at numerous conferences, and an author, he inspires enthusiasm for professional development with JavaScript.



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