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Begin your JavaScript journey with this comprehensive, hands-on guide. You’ll learn everything there is to know about professional JavaScript programming, from core language concepts to essential client-side tasks. Build dynamic web applications with step-by-step instructions and expand your knowledge by exploring server-side development and mobile development. Work with advanced language features, write clean and efficient code, and much more!
  • Your all-in-one guide to JavaScript
  • Work with objects, reference types, events, forms, and web APIs
  • Build server-side applications, mobile applications, desktop applications, and more
  • Consult and download practical code examples
Language Review
Refresh your knowledge or learn JavaScript as a beginner with in-depth coverage of JavaScript basics. Understand how to store values, use data types, control flow, and debug your code.
Client-Side Programming
Build dynamic web applications by learning to process events, load content, create images, and use web APIs.
Advanced Concepts
Explore server-side application development with Node.js, mobile application development with React Native and Iconic, and desktop programming with Electron and NW.js. Work with advanced language features and more.
About the Author
Philip Ackermann is the chief technology officer of Cedalo GmbH and the author of several reference books and technical articles on JavaScript, Java, and web development. His current focus is on the design and development of Node.js projects in the areas of Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things.



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