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CSS3 lets you create professional-looking websites, but learning its finer points can be tricky—even for seasoned web developers. This Missing Manual shows you how to take your HTML and CSS skills to the next level with valuable tips, tricks, and step-by-step instructions. You'll quickly learn how to build web pages that look great fast and run on devices and screens of all sizes.

The important stuff you need to know:
  • Start with the basics. Write CSS3-friendly HTML, including the HTML5 tags recognized by today's browsers.
  • Apply real-world design. Format text, create navigation tools and enhance pages with graphics.
  • Make your pages lively. Create eye-catching animations and give your visitors attractive tables and forms.
  • Take control of page layouts. Use professional design techniques such as floats and positioning.
  • Look great on any device. Craft websites that adapt to desktop, tablet and mobile browsers.
  • Get advanced techniques. Use CSS3 more effectively and efficiently, and ensure that your web pages look good when printed.
David Sawyer McFarland

David Sawyer McFarland is president of Sawyer McFarland Media, Inc., a Web development and training company in Portland, Oregon. He's been building websites since 1995, when he designed an online magazine for communication professionals. He's served as webmaster at the University of California at Berkeley and the Berkeley Multimedia Research Center, and oversaw a complete CSS-driven redesign of Macworld.com. David is also a writer and trainer, and teaches in the Portland State University multimedia program. He wrote the bestselling Missing Manual titles on Adobe Dreamweaver, CSS, JavaScript and.


Chapter 1 for HTML CSS
HTML: Past and Present
Writing for HTML CSS
The Importance of the Doctype
Making Sure Internet Explorer Is Up-to-Date
Chapter 2 Creating Styles and Style Sheets
Anatomy of a Style
Understanding Style Sheets
Internal Style Sheets
External Style Sheets
Tutorial: Creating Your First Styles
Chapter 3 Selectors: Identifying What to Style
Tag Selectors: Page-Wide Styling
Class Selectors: Pinpoint Control
ID Selectors: Specific Page Elements
Styling Groups of Tags
Styling Tags Within Tags
Pseudo-Classes and Pseudo-Elements
Attribute Selectors
Child Selectors
The :not( ) Selector
Tutorial: Selector Sampler
Chapter 4 Saving Time with Style Inheritance
What Is Inheritance?
How Inheritance Streamlines Style Sheets
The Limits of Inheritance
Tutorial: Inheritance
Chapter 5 Managing Multiple Styles: The Cascade
How Styles Cascade
Specificity: Which Style Wins
Controlling the Cascade
Tutorial: The Cascade in Action
Applied CSS
Chapter 6 Text Formatting
Using Fonts
Using Web Fonts
Discovering Google Web Fonts
Adding Color to Text
Changing Font Size
Formatting Words and Letters
Adding Text Shadow
Formatting Entire Paragraphs
Styling Lists
Tutorial: Text Formatting in Action
Chapter 7 Margins, Padding, and Borders
Understanding the Box Model
Controlling Space with Margins and Padding
Adding Borders
Coloring the Background
Creating Rounded Corners
Adding Drop Shadows
Determining Height and Width
Wrapping Content with Floating Elements
Tutorial: Margins, Backgrounds, and Borders
Chapter 8 Adding Graphics to Web Pages
Discovering CSS and the <img> Tag
Adding Background Images
Controlling Repetition
Positioning a Background Image
Using Background Property Shorthand
Using Multiple Background Images
Utilizing Gradient Backgrounds
Applying Easy Gradients with Colorzilla
Tutorial: Enhancing Images
Tutorial: Creating a Photo Gallery
Tutorial: Using Background Images
Chapter 9 Sprucing Up Your Site's Navigation
Selecting Which Links to Style
Styling Links
Building Navigation Bars
CSS-Style Preloading Rollovers
Styling Particular Types of Links
Tutorial: Styling Links
Tutorial: Creating a Navigation Bar
Chapter 10 CSS Transforms, Transitions, and Animations
Chapter 11 Formatting Tables and Forms
Using Tables the Right Way
Styling Tables
Styling Forms
Tutorial: Styling a Table
Tutorial: Styling a Form
CSS Page Layout
Chapter 12 Introducing CSS Layout
Types of Web Page Layouts
How CSS Layout Works
Layout Strategies
Chapter 13 Building Float-Based Layouts
Applying Floats to Your Layouts
Overcoming Float Problems
Tutorial: Multiple-Column Layouts
Chapter 14 Responsive Web Design
Responsive Web Design Basics
Setting Up a Web Page for RWD
Media Queries
Flexible Grids
Fluid Images
Responsive Web Design Tutorial
Chapter 15 Positioning Elements on a Web Page
How Positioning Properties Work
Powerful Positioning Strategies
Tutorial: Positioning Page Elements
Advanced CSS
Chapter 16 CSS for the Printed Page
How Media Style Sheets Work
How to Add Media Style Sheets
Creating Print Style Sheets
Tutorial: Building a Print Style Sheet
Chapter 17 Improving Your CSS Habits
Adding Comments
Organizing Styles and Style Sheets
Eliminating Browser Style Interference
Using Descendent Selectors
Trying Different CSS for Internet Explorer
Appendix CSS Property Reference
CSS Values
Text Properties
List Properties
Padding, Borders, Margins and
Page Layout Properties
Animation, Transform, and Transition Properties
Table Properties
Miscellaneous Properties
Appendix CSS Resources
CSS Help
CSS Tips, Tricks, and Advice
CSS Navigation
CSS Layout
Showcase Sites
CSS Books
CSS Software


CSS3: The Missing Manual, 3rd Edition



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