System error in Melbis Shop 6.2.0

Error occured in script work

Error occured, script stoped

Error type: MySQL Error

Source, line: Parser::tws_goods_params[33]

Error: Disk full (/tmp/#sql-temptable-26a37c-3918a-5aa.MAI); waiting for someone to free some space... (errno: 28 "No space left on device")

Error information:

 SELECT s.*, IF(iv.params = '',, iv.params) AS param_name 
                FROM ms_store s,
                    ms_key_value kv,
                    ms_store_info si,                    
                    ms_info_value iv
                WHERE s.relate_id = '58135' AND s.kind_key = 'kParam'
                    AND s.no_visible = 0 AND s.status_key = kv.key_name
                    AND kv.key_set_code = 'STORE_STATUS_KEY'
                    AND si.store_id = AND si.value_id =
                    AND s.status_key = 'kExist'
                GROUP BY
                ORDER BY s.price DESC

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