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Practical Rust Projects: Build Serverless, AI, Machine Learning, Embedded, Game, and Web Applications 2nd ed. Edition - фото 1
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Go beyond the basics and build complete applications using the Rust programming language, updated for Rust 2021 edition. The applications you'll build over the course of this book include a high-performance web client, an embedded computer (for a robot, for example), a game, a serverless web app, and an application that incorporates AI and machine learning.
Each chapter is organized in the following format: what the kind of should application look like; requirements and user stories of our example program; an introduction to the Rust libraries used; the actual implementation of the example program, including common pitfalls and their solutions; and a brief comparison of libraries for building each application, if there is no clear preference.
Practical Rust Projects, Second Edition will open your eyes to how Rust can be put to practical, real-world use. After reading this book, you will be able to use Rust to build a variety of your own projects.
What You Will Learn
  • Explore practical Rust programming language-based projects, examples and case studies
  • Create a GUI
  • Build a high performance web Front-end using WebAssembly
  • Develop REST APIs using Rust
  • Go serverless to develop a cloud application using the Amazon AWS Rust SDK
  • Create a game using Rust, along with AI and machine learning apps
Who This Book Is For
Those with basic Rust knowledge who want to learn more about how to apply Rust in real-world scenarios.
About the Author
Shing Lyu is a software engineer who is passionate about open source software. He's worked on Rust professionally at Mozilla, on the Firefox (Gecko) and Servo browser engine project. Currently he works at AWS as a Solutions Architect. Previously Shing worked at DAZN, a sports streaming platform as a backend developer, with a focus on AWS and serverless technology. Shing has worked for other world famous brands such as Intel. He is also active in the open source community. Being one of the founders of the Taiwan Rust community, he loves to share his enthusiasm for Rust with people.
Andrew Rzeznik is a Software Development Engineer at AWS Cryptography with interests in distributed systems, languages, tooling, IoT, and low-level programming. His primary working language is Rust but he considers himself a polyglot, having worked in C, C++, Python, Java, C#, and many others. Before AWS Andrew worked in various software positions, with a primary focus in factory automation. He developed robust yet accessible distributed machine control frameworks to bring advanced software patterns and techniques to manufacturing. He also served as a consultant where he debugged manufacturing issues at various firms. Andrew received his PhD in Mathematics from MIT, where he wrote simulations for ocean mining plumes and tested them aboard a research vessel at sea.



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