Code Simplicity The Fundamentals of Software

Code Simplicity The Fundamentals of Software
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Good software design is simple and easy to understand. Unfortunately, the average computer program today is so complex that no one could possibly comprehend how all the code works. This concise guide helps you understand the fundamentals of good design through scientific laws—principles you can apply to any programming language or project from here to eternity. Whether you’re a junior programmer, senior software engineer, or non-technical manager, you’ll learn how to create a sound plan for your software project, and make better decisions about the pattern and structure of your system. Discover why good software design has become the missing science Understand the ultimate purpose of software and the goals of good design Determine the value of your design now and in the future Examine real-world examples that demonstrate how a system changes over time Create designs that allow for the most change in the environment with the least change in the software Make easier changes in the future by keeping your code simpler now Gain better knowledge of your software’s behavior with more accurate tests

Chapter 1 : Introduction
Why Simplicity?
Software Design
Chapter 2 : The Purpose of Software
Real-World Application
Chapter 3 : The Future
The Equation of Software Design
The Quality of Design
Unforeseeable Consequences
Chapter 4 : Change
Change in a Real-World Program
The Three Flaws
Incremental Development and Design
Chapter 5 : Defects and Design
If It Ain’t Broken...
Don’t Repeat Yourself
Chapter 6 : Simplicity
Simplicity and the Equation of Software Design
Simplicity Is Relative
How Simple Do You Have to Be?
Be Consistent
Simplicity Requires Design
Chapter 7 : Complexity
Complexity and Purpose
Bad Technologies
Complexity and the Wrong Solution
Complex Problems
Handling Complexity
Chapter 8 : Testing
Appendix : The Laws of Software Design
Appendix : Facts, Laws, Rules, and Definitions

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